Sometimes you just want to make smaller changes to your theme, it might be a logo that should be different, or a background color. Some themes doesn’t allow you to do this under Appearance – Customize, only in their PRO version. You could do it by altering the themes files, but if you are runnuing

We had to rewrite some specific domain names in our WordPress multisite. Most of our domains are on this form: In our case that is nice, because we also have a valid ssl certificate which supports * But in addition we have other domain names on the form: which we don’t have a

If you don’t want to have comments from people and potential spammers, you can remove the comments from all your pages. Here is how to: Go to admin Dashboard >> Pages. Select All at the top of the listings. Bulk Actions >> Edit >> Apply When the options box appears, choose Comments >> Do Not

I had some issue to get this one working, but after some tips from Takanudo, see comments below, it is now working like charm 🙂 If you get: “Facebook-The global ID is not allowed. Please use the application specific ID instead” you should see the post comment’s below from Takanudo. I needed to display recent