For several days our Apache webserver went down. Stopped. No html document for you! CPU at 100%, sorry mate! Our server is running Apache web-server as frontend with mod_jk to Tomcat, where a DSpace application (java) is running. Backend database is a Postgresql 9.1 server. Everything running on a Redhat 6 virtual wmvare server. From

We have a Linux server (Redhat Enterprise 6) running a multi-site installation of Mediawiki. In total, we have today 120 unique wiki’s, each having its one Postgresql 9.1 database. Suddenly the server stopped responding. In Apache webserver, the total number concurrent apache processes went up to Apache’s max-client setting in httpd.conf, and people couldn’t log

We had to rewrite some specific domain names in our WordPress multisite. Most of our domains are on this form: In our case that is nice, because we also have a valid ssl certificate which supports * But in addition we have other domain names on the form: which we don’t have a