If you just need a quick way to get some data from a mysql database in your shell (bash), you could do something like this in one line: mysql -h your.server.edu -u db_username -p`cat /path/to/your/homedir/secretpasswordfile` -e “;use databasename; SELECT tablename.columnname FROM tablename where id like ‘421111’ and something like ‘1’ and option like ’23’;”; >

If you have a remote git repo, and you want to delete a branch there, you can do: [bash] # if you want to delete the branch locally first, do: git branch -D branchname #  then also remotely git push origin –delete branchname [/bash]

Challenge: one have a local git repo on a Linux server where a big bunch of commit’s have been done. Now one want to put all the files and commits on a remote server, for more easier sharing with other. Here is how it might be done: First create the remote repo. We use gitolite-admin,

If you want to see the http headers from your shell, you can do it with:   wget –no-check-certificate –server-response –spider https://yourwebsite.something The result would be something like: [bash] Spider mode enabled. Check if remote file exists. –2014-02-07 11:13:33– https://yourwebsite.something/something Resolving yourwebsite.something… Connecting to yourwebsite.something||:443… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… HTTP/1.1 301 Moved