I have today installed the Cytomine version 3 from cytomine.org Here I will explain in detail the different steps needed to install the software. Firstly I installed a Linux Ubuntu 18.04LTS with 16VCPU’s and 64GB memory in the Norwegian UH OpenStack nrec.no cloud. Then I installed the Docker-CE with following bash commands: The docker service

If you have Windows 10 and miss sometimes to have a linux distro locally, you can install the Windows Subsystem for Linux. First start a CMD shell (start-run, type: CMD) Then: powershell Then you type: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux Restart the computer. Then go to Microsoft Store and choose your option. I chose Ubuntu 18.04

We have a collaborating project between Norway, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus in Oral Pathology. In order to view slides online we installed a software called Cytomine. This software, or multiple combined software/applications, is developed in Belgium by a cooperating team. All about Cytomine can be read here: https://cytomine.coop/ This is an open source software. It is