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Get more details about an ip address

If you are interested in more information behind an IP adresse, you can run this command: curl which will

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Make music for your YouTube videos

I’ve used sometimes YouTube music library to add music to my YouTube videos. Today I found two alternatives where you

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cytomine installation

I have today installed the Cytomine version 3 from Here I will explain in detail the different steps needed

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WinSCP – a short intro


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Running Linux in Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 and miss sometimes to have a linux distro locally, you can install the Windows Subsystem

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Mediawiki Forms to present and edit data with key-value structure

Have you been working with tables in Mediawiki? It is a somewhat gnarly process. The mediawiki markup for a small

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Cygwin rsync to synchronize files from Linux to Windows

If you have a lot of files (several TB) on a Linux server, and you want to synchronize them daily

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Workshop in Yerevan, Armenia

In Yerevan we had a workshop in Oral Pathology where I presented both Cytomine and Moodle with video tutorials made

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Analysing gigapixel images online is possible with Cytomine

We have a collaborating project between Norway, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus in Oral Pathology. In order to view slides online

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Open Source Approach

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Find all ServerNames and ServerAliases in several vhosts.conf files

In Apache one specify the servername and serveralias in a virtualhost directive in possible a single .conf file. We had

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Use a variable counter in a bash one-liner

I had 70 different domain names that I need to add in a ssl cnf file for creating a certificate

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