Running Linux in Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 and miss sometimes to have a linux distro locally, you can install the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

First start a CMD shell (start-run, type: CMD)



Then you type:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Restart the computer. Then go to Microsoft Store and choose your option. I chose Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from here:

From the MS store window, click on the GET button. Sign in if necessary. Yes, you need a MS account…

I tried to use our organization account, but then I got this message:

That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.


so I ended up with my private account..

Then finally in the CMD window:


and choose a username and password.

Next is to update your Ubuntu distro:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y

Then install the X server for Windows from:

Copy the shortcut (should be on the Desktop somewhere) to here:

%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

In the Ubuntu bash terminal:

echo "export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0" >> ~/.bashrc; . ~/.bashrc


sudo apt-get install x11-apps

And finally run your favorite X program:

sudo apt-get install git-cola



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