Finally we have upgraded our WP multisite to 3.4.2! In this upgrade we also upgraded around 30 plugins and 8 themes. Also we installed a new theme: TwentyTwelve. Hopefully some of the admin-users will like it. The greatest challenge we had was to be able to do real testing on plugins, themes and blogs on

bbPress is a WordPress plugin that enable you as an WordPress administrator to add a full Forum server to your site. I am testing it out now, and will install it soon on our Multisite WordPress solution. bbPress is promising, and because it can be used in a WordPress context, you can benefit regarding spam

I had to send emails to all the Blog admins in our WordPress Multisite installation. This is how I did it: [code lang=”php”] <?php # Alert Blog Admin php script # connect to blog db, select from, find all blog admin email adresses # get subject, body from pre-created local files, send the email #

In Linux you can use the command ‘find’ to find files and folders and then also do something with them on your system. Find all files that ends with the .php extension in the folder /var/www/: find /var/www/ -type f -name ‘*.php’ This will give you a list with a lot of files. So, what?